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"You are a GREAT WEALTH of information. Thank you so much for translating [everything] into normal speak, especially the scary 80-page document."

- Susan's Parent
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Leap 2 Success Process Model for Educational Success

Our purpose is to create successful communication between school and home with the ultimate goal of preparing children for success in school and beyond. We accomplish this by employing the following steps into an action plan that is tailored to each family.

Slide 1: Connecting Home, School & Community

slide 1Leap2Success initiates and facilitates an action plan involving the triad of Home, School and Community. The essential connection of these three components makes it possible to help individual students become ready to learn within their environment.

Slide 2: Process Model for Educational Success

slide 2The process of education involves the home, the student and the school. Leap2success overlaps the gaps sometimes present in this system and facilitates a process of progress toward success beginning with assessments and opening lines of communication between home and school. Following this, an action plan that includes tutoring and services provided within the community can begin.

Slide 3: Facilitating Communication Between Home and School

slide 3Facilitating communication between home and school is a major component of the Leap2Success program. From making phone contacts to attending meetings, families are supported and empowered as educators and parents are brought together as a team with the purpose of providing successful opportunities for the student. The barriers of educational language are broken down and explained so that everyone can participate fully.

Slide 4: Action Plan Links Family to Resources

slide 4The Action plan uses the community component to surround families with resources to meet their individual needs, completing a holistic circle of intervention. This frees families from time-consuming searches for services so they can focus on the Action Plan.

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